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I Dig the Dirt

I made a satisfying and prosperous career out of graphic and web design, writing, and editing; however, sitting in front of a computer all day for nearly two decades left me feeling like I was missing some of life's biggest joys: outdoors, nature, and physical activity. I've been gardening as a hobby for most of my adult life and I love everything about maintaining gardens: landscaping, planting, weeding, pruning, and tending to plants. I discovered my passion was in horticulture and getting my hands dirty. That's when I made a career switch.


Sure, I still enjoy freelance writing and designing, but my jam is making gardens sing. I have a Bachelor's degree in Design which helps me to plan the best spatial relations and floral colors in your gardens.


Photo by Ray Kuntz, Jr.


Two Experts Showed Me the Ropes

Two mentors showed me the joys of gardening and got me started in the business: My dad, Charlie from Chuck's Yardscape, and a friend Tracy who has been a master gardener for years. They gave me tips and showed me the tools of the trade. When gardening jobs are large, they reach out to me for assistance or I reach out to them to make it a team effort for maximum efficiency and beautification.

Family First

I've been happily married for 20 years and I'm a mom of two teen boys. Other family members include a pitsky mix pup and two cats.


Owning My Garden Gal business allows me a creative, professional outlet, while maintaining a flexible schedule to attend to family needs.

My Client Gardening Schedule


I tidy up gardens for clients from March - December in the Spencerport and Rochester area. I am booked up with loyal customers for the 2022 season and no longer taking on new clients this year. Feel free to reach out with any gardening questions @

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