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Whether you are a returning client or a new customer who needs a free estimate call or text My Garden Gal (Shelly) at 585-738-1149 or email at My services include:

Weeding & Thinning

Nobody likes the look of overcrowded plants or weeds that overtake a garden. You want to showcase your hydrangea and roses not the creeping Charlie or unruly pachysandra.



Whether you have small or large garden areas, mulch can be delivered to your house by the yard or I'll bring it by the bag to lay down. It helps keep the soil moist, creates a weed barrier, and looks great.

Planting & Transplanting

I plant, split up plants, and transplant  during the times of year your flowers will thrive best, whether it's splitting hostas and phlox, or planting tulip and daffodil bulbs.

Fall Clean Up


I rake, blow, and pile, bag, or bin your leaves. This generally starts in late October and ends the beginning of December.

Pruning & Hedge Clipping

I prune anything from Japanese maples to rose buses. I'll deadhead your flowers so they have several waves a season. I'll hedge clip small arborvitae and large forsythia.

Outdoor Hardscapes


I have cleared garden areas overtaken by pachysandra and ferns to design and create an outdoor firepit and seating area made from pea gravel.

Visit the Testimonials and Gallery pages to hear what customers are saying about My Garden Gal and to see her results.

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