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*UPDATE: I AM NO LONGER TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME. Many thanks to my loyal customers for your support.


Call, text, or email me for scheduling or a price quote. I work Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm. If you contact me outside of those hours, I most likely will not respond until the next business day. Estimates are FREE.


If I have to climb a ladder to prune tall hedges, I charge extra because there is a danger factor. Most jobs only take 2-3 hours, sometimes less. More labor-intensive jobs such as removing pachysandra, heavy weeds, ornamental grass, and overgrowth may take longer or a few trips. For large gardens, I may call in seasoned vets like my dad from Chuck's Yardscape and my husband, Chris, who worked for JMF Landscape for help.


I live in Spencerport, NY. My clients are usually in a 20-mile radius of the Spencerport/Rochester area. If it is farther, I will charge an hourly rate for the travel time and gas.

My Garden Gal

Shelly Dick

Spencerport, NY


I'm not taking new clients at this time.


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