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Potted Plant Pro Tip: Pile in the Packing Peanuts

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Sure, putting rocks in the bottom of your planters and potted plants helps with soil drainage and prevents root rot, but when you go to place your pot, you can’t budge it. Once you’ve loaded your ceramic pot or wood planter with rocks, dirt, and plants, you wish you had a forklift to move it.

Next time forego the rocks and use packing peanuts, instead.

My mother in-law told me this planting pro tip many years ago and it has changed my gardening life for the better, especially when potting large plants. It keeps your pots light to carry, saves you money on potting soil because you don't need as much, and they are great for drainage. The packing peanuts are not biodegradable, so they last forever, and you can keep reusing them or break them up into smaller pieces for future planters.

No more digging for rocks that are hard to find; instead make a quick stop at Office Max on your way to your favorite nursery.

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