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I'll Clean Up and Beautify



About Gardenscaper Shelly

I'm a gardener who likes to prune, trim, rip out weeds, plant, dig, deadhead, and mulch. I even do fall leaf clean up. If you don't like where a plant is located or your garden is overcrowded, I'll eliminate weeds, move plants around, and thin them out to best maintain your gardens. 

I give FREE estimates for:






Hedge Clipping

Leaf Cleanup

I do NOT mow lawns

I do NOT apply chemicals

​I Can Help Your Gardens Grow
  • If weeds have overtaken your gardens, I can help.
  • If your hedges and plants are overgrown, I can help.
  • If fall leaves seem impossible to clean up, I can help.
  • If you have too much of one kind of plant, and not enough of another, I can help. 
  • If your gardens are sparse, I can help.

Check out the Testimonials page to hear what customers are saying about Shelly's gardening services.

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